Every child needs to be happy and live a healthy life with proper education to build a brighter future. We are making sure that happens by giving them the best learning, food and board, and the chance to develop their future securely. You can help us to help them in building their future safely. 
              According to the Times of India 2019, orphans in India are more than two crores, i.e., 20 Million, which is more than the population of a country, Srilanka. The most painful thing is at least 12 million children still deserted. Not to mention semi-orphans are also in a most vulnerable position. Governments are doing their part, but charities like us make a tremendous effort to save these kids' lives. 
               Giving life for a child is building a nation and the world. We also encourage kids with moral teachings, educational counseling, doctor visits, art & craft, and musical training are just a few in the list. We have contributed to producing doctors, engineers, software professionals, musicians,  business people, Tv anchors, and many fields in the last 38 years of work. 
               We, Vimukthi Charities, are ready to take care of many children possible. Not just providing basic needs; we are passionate about their future. Come, let's build tomorrow by educating and raising these children. Your support will change the life of a child. 

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